Organic Perú "Las Damas De San Ignacio" Fair Trade

Perú takes coffee seriously in both its dedication to sustainable farming and to consistently producing an outstanding cup. This coffee is outstanding in both quality and taste. We can look forward to a medium body, along with sweet caramel and dark chocolate notes, with a hint of honey in our cups! 

"Las Damas de San Ignacio" is organic and fair trade, and hails from the COOPFASI co-op that began in 1969 for the purpose of focusing on gender equality in coffee farming. In 2016, the co-op designed a program so that women can now receive loans to help improve their lives with indoor plumbing (kitchens, bathrooms), and better conditions for livestock and other farming practices. They have also created a community computer lab to help bridge the digital divide in order to be more equitably.  

Location: San Ignacio, Mountains of Cajamarca, Perú

Altitude: 4,921 - 5,741 Ft (1,500 m - 1,750 m)

Varietal: Typica, Mundonovo, Caturra & Catimor

Process: Fully Washed

Drying: Sun dried



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